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Halloween & the Season of Collabs

Molly Whiteley

Posted on November 27 2017

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The lead up to Halloween was one of the most exciting months at Glitter Palace! It was the season of collabs! We kicked things off with a super sassy shoot with one of our favourite make up artists and ambassadors Rei Lilith.

Giving Rei a chance to freely use our products in her own unique style was so exciting to watch! This really set the tone for the season and fired us up for upcoming collabs!

Glitters Used:

  • Caspar Chunky Glitter
  • Luna Chunky Glitter
  • Morticia Glitter
  • Bianca Glitter
  • Carrie Glitter

Jessica Daixley

Up next was the super talented Jessica Daixley who provided us with some stunning eye looks to enhance our Moon Queen and Sorcerous shoots.

Glitter Used:

  • Eleven Glitter
  • Luna Glitter
  • Aretha Glitter
  • Joker Glitter
  • Morticia Glitter

Competition with HeadSpace Headdresses

We were honoured to work with one of our favourite accessories designers HeadSpace Headdresses, especially when she contributed to our ultimate Halloween giveaway with one of her amazing headdresses!

Glitter Used:

  • Carrie Glitter
  • Morticia Glitter
  • Halloween Face Jems

In our most complex and original shoot, we were mind blown by the results of what has to be our favorite collab yet! Working with
Face Painting by Phoebe was a match made in heaven, as we saw our glitter transform the models beyond recognition. Also a massive thank you to Bryony Jade for documenting our shoot.

Not forgetting the cherry on the top! The magnificent hand-made costumes by Ginger Snapp Headdresses.

Face Jewels used:

  • Medusa
  • Maleficent

We are truly sad that this season is over, but wait... Christmas is just around the corner! Stay tuned for more glittering and product releases over the Christmas period. If you'd like to see more images from this seasons shoots check out either PART I or PART II from our Halloween 17' Lookbook.