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Flora is a stunning hot pink microfine glitter, super pigmented and sparkly! Safe to use on your face, body and in your hair!


Biodegradable glitter is the future of glitter! It is made from natural cellulose film sourced from plants in a sustainable process. It degrades in only 90 days when it hits natural material (such as soil) so has the least negative impact of any glitter.

Glitter Palaces biodegradable glitter is soft on the skin, super sparkly and can be applied in the same way as other glitters. We will be bringing you more shades, textures and funky mixes as soon as possible! 

All packing is reusable & recyclable - buy refill bags to top up your big pots!

Check out our FAQ for more details. 

Tag us in your creations! - @glitterpalaceuk

* Glitter is notoriously difficult to photograph. Product may differ slightly in person.

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