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"I would always do my own glitter and glitter up my friends at festivals and eventually other people started asking me to do theirs! I loved seeing their reaction to what I was doing as they felt transformed and confident... it was so exciting to be able to make people happy with something so simple. I loved how my glittering brought people together, how they talked about it and complimented one another, I felt so proud that this was something that I was creating.

From this, I began to notice a growth in the market for glitter happening around me. I started Glitter Palace as an events company and have never looked back! The first event was in my hometown, it was crazy popular the whole time, and from that I built my way up doing small events in London to get the brand name out there.

I had such a positive reaction to the brand from so many different people from all walks of life. This inspired me to make products for all of these people, not just a sub section of the market that i often feel the cosmetics and beauty industry largely caters for. I started creating and mixing original glitters that were personal to me that reflected the things and people that inspired me including powerful women, politicians, cartoon characters and drag queens!

Creating a more diverse range of glitters that the market hadn't seen before was really important to me and remains at the core of my brand. All the glitters and gels are really original as i hand pick each colour and shape that goes into them. I want my products to be beautiful and unusual but still affordable! The aim is for my customers to stand out from the norm, I believe glitter can be more than just pretty, it can be art, it can be empowering and confidence building in a way that other cosmetic products perhaps can't.

I feel that as someone who has confidence issues, it makes me feel alive and beautiful, I have never really felt comfortable wearing loads of my make up so it was the perfect way for me to feel amazing on a night out. To me, just adding a bit of glitter to my face no matter what the occasion builds me up and brings out my character, and I can express myself in a less conventional way.

When I sit down to make a collection, I want to reflect my individuality and I never want to be safe and boring, aiming to always be pretty or attractive. I want everyone to feel beautiful no matter what their style, gender, size, race! I don't want my brand to be restrictive or to fit a certain perception of beauty, and I try and reflect this in the products that I create, in the campaigns that I put out and the collaborations that I partake in.

I was bored of seeing the same products, models, and messages in other beauty brands that did not reunite with my idea of beauty. I want to create diversity in every element of my brand, and looking to the future I want to continually collaborate with different creatives to reach different audiences and continually evolve!"

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