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Giving back to the world is extremely important to us at GP so we are launching our 'Glitter For Good' campaign to help raise money for The Palestinian Circus School. The idea behind the campaign is that every time you use our product or visit the Palace you will be helping giving back to the world.

We are donating 10% of profits to the charity to help sponsor children's education at the school for those who cannot afford fees. 

Hopefully through this campaign Glitter Palace will be one step closer to turning glitter into something that isn't just pretty, but into something that has a great positive impact on the world. We want this campaign to encourage everyone to be more conscious of how their consumer activity effects others on the planet and that it can be a positive one. 


"By training Palestinian children and youth in circus arts, the Palestinian Circus School wants to develop a new art form in Palestine and strengthen the social, creative and physical potential of the Palestinians, seeking to engage and empower them to become constructive actors in society. By creating and performing circus productions, we want to instil hope among the population, promote the freedom of expression and raise local and international awareness about Palestinian arts and the many challenges of the Palestinian society."

Find more about the history of The Palestinian Circus School HERE.  


As company we are also very interested in working at charity events and will do so for free, so that we can help raising money for other causes as well. So far we have helped raise money for Coppa Feel and Solace Women's aid. Please contact if you are interested in booking us for a charity event.