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I am from Brighton. I got into hula hooping when I saw a male friend of mine spin a fire hoop at a party when I was in my early twenties. I could remember being good at hula hooping at school so I bought myself an adult dance hoop and watched YouTube videos to learn. I got truly obsessed and my hoop would travel with me everywhere! I took it to drum and bass raves and got some weird looks from the bouncers of clubs when I tried to take my hoop inside. 

When I moved away from my bohemian home town to London, I got yet more strange looks when I'd take my hoops out to the park and practice. 
When I started hula hooping I had no interest in exercise and no belief in myself and my body. Hula hooping made me realise I could achieve anything if I practised enough. I started getting into ice skating, another thing I'd dreamed of doing. But when someone gave me a pair of roller-skates I fell in love. When I started taking both hoops and skates out to practice it was only natural to want to try to combine them :)
Now I have honed my skills and I've gone from rave hooper to professional circus performer! I used to work in bars and get paid in vodka and now I'm doing high profile corporate events for brands like Google and DreamWorks. One of my biggest adventures to date is a 35 show tour around Germany! 
I am inspired by the people I work with all the time, especially all the burlesque performers! They are so resourceful and creative. They make their own costumes and props and really know how to command a stage. I have been very lucky to work with some incredible talents!
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