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Storm Dunder is a non-binary artist that works with multiple art forms such as music, wearable paper and metal art, makeup, photography and videography to create characters and stories that works as outlets for emotions and thoughts. Characters that they use as tools for spreading awareness about mental health, alcoholism, and lgbtq+phobia. 

They use their art to channel the most free, fragile, glorious, and grotesque parts of their inner life. Without being bound to a specific genre they can completely focus on creating a piece of art that embodies its message and takes the audience on an emotional carousel. 

Storm was born in Sweden in 1998, they started using makeup as a way of escaping their present and distracting themselves from their own mental health issues. Inspired by everything around them, they started using makeup both as a way of expressing their inner life, and as a form of hiding. They started posting their photographs of makeup-looks on social media in 2015 and has since then started intertwining their passion for makeup with their passion for music, using it to highlight the emotions of the songs and to further express the personality of the character they have created for the music. 

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